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Enjoy Manama

Bahrain means “two seas” in Arabic. The island state got the name because it is washed by saline waters of the Persian Gulf, and there are many springs of fresh water under ground. Almost the all area of ​​the coast is reserved for the construction of resorts; beaches and hotels are well-equipped and each year attracts more and more visitors. Despite the fact that the state is small, but it has so many attractions and walking places.

Manama is the capital and largest city of Bahrain. The main attraction of the city is the National Museum, which covers the 7000 years history of Bahrain, there are religious documents, sculptures, ceramics, paintings and much more. The name "Manama" means "sleepy place" and Manama really can look sleepy in the afternoon, when the city is just beginning to wake up. “Stormy” night is the second major attraction of Manama. Fine restaurants and bars, noisy night clubs, shopping centers and boutiques - open until late at night - all this bring to Manama many tourists from all around the world ... Beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels, a lot of water activities also contribute to tourism development in the capital of Bahrain.

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